The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of hard stories in the news, but it has also turned out some really good stories about people doing good for others. From teachers making extra efforts with their kids from afar to anonymous payments for rent to customers helping restaurants, the stories of good things happening across the country are everywhere.

Bobby Bones decided to highlight just some of the awesome things happening by expanding 'Tell Me Something Good' into a whole segment full of five good news stories amid the coronavirus outbreak. Here they are:

Elementary school teacher Kelsey Pavelka in Indiana built a flexible, plastic barrier around her door, Bubble Boy style, so that her kids could stop by and she could safely give them hugs.

Donna Molina had to have an emergency C-section 2 months before her baby was due and right after, she was put in an induced coma due to the coronavirus. She's now awake from the coma, she tested negative for the virus, and she finally got to meet her baby right before Mother's Day.

An anonymous donor paid rent for the month of May for vintage record store Lost and Found Records in Knoxville, Tennessee. Owner Maria Armstrong got a text message from her landlord saying that she didn't have to worry about May rent, but she was unable to share who paid the rent for her.

A regular customer at Detroit restaurant Balkan House bought a billboard to advertise that their favorite restaurant was still open for carryout and delivery. The restaurant started getting extra business and didn't realize a billboard was up for them for almost a week.

A post office in a small town in Iowa found a postcard from 1987 when they were doing a deep clean for coronavirus. They were able to deliver it to the guy, who still lived in town.

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