These high schools have been ranked among the best and some are falling short. Do you agree that these are the best and worst schools in the state?

According to U.S. News, these are the best performing schools in the state. They looked at how prepared for college students are math and reading proficiency, graduation rates, under-served student performance, and college curriculum breadth.

10. Rocky Mountain High School (Meridian)

9. Thomas Jefferson Charter (Caldwell)

8. Century High School (Pocatello)

7. Xavier Charter School (Twin Falls)

6. Timberline High School (Boise)

5. Boise High School

4. McCall-Donnelly High School

3. Renaissance High School (Meridian)

2. North Star Charter (Eagle)

1. Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy

All of these schools have a graduation rate of at least 90% according to an article on

As for the worst ranked schools, an article on says these fall to the bottom.

  • Rivervue Academy Alternative (Caldwell)
  • Magic Valley Alternative High (Twin Falls)
  • Kinport Academy (Pocatello)
  • Crossroads Middle School (Meridian)
  • Cascade Junior-Senior High School (Cascade)
  • Pathways Middle School (Meridian)

Low student achievement and lack of improvement were among the factors that landed these schools in a tough spot.

Do you agree with these lists? I know I have had kids who have gone to highly ranked schools and yet they still get bullied like crazy and we struggle with communication between teacher and parent, so I don't know how much weight I put into these rankings, but I guess it's nice to at least know where your child's school stands as far as data is concerned.

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