Let's talk about sandwiches since tomorrow (November 3) is National Sandwich Day! I love, like love a good sandwich. I grew up in Orange County, California until I moved when I was 24 and I can still remember going to "Little Pickle" with my dad and having the best sandwiches! As a young buck, I would get the turkey and cheese. I was a pretty basic as a little kid like most, but as an adult have expanded my pallet.

Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash
Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash

Did you know the United States Department of Agriculture says the official definition of a sandwich must contain at least 35% cooked meat and more than 50% bread?

I don't know when that was declared, but we have gone way past that and have totally ignored those rules. Sandwiches have become more than just meat between two slices of bread, but have become works of art.

Some sandwiches can never be recreated, especially when mom makes them! Evan is giving full credit to his wife and based on his Facebook profile picture is also a mom. 

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This was one of the closest that I have seen since I've started asking for your opinion on our Facebook page about certain things.

If you haven't mentioned who you think makes the best sandwich in Boise/Treasure Valley, please go ahead and do so now!

They didn't make into the Top 10 but we're mentioned:

Now for the Top 10 places in Boise/Treasure Valley for Sandwiches and for the first time we did have some ties!

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