October is the month where scary things and horror are all around us. They have each states creepiest horror movie, what is it for Idaho?

Insider.com just took a look at every state and the horror movies that are set in them. Illinois is considered one of the creepiest states as far as many classic scary movies are set there... "Candyman, Child's Play, and Halloween". 'Halloween' took the cake though for Illinois and creepiest movies set there. For Idaho... I can honestly say I have never heard of this movie. It was directed by Peter Fonda, a movie called "Idaho Transfer' from 1973. This syfy type movie has to do with time travel and they ending up in Idaho which is unpopulated. According to insider.com:

Peter Fonda directed this thriller about time travel. Its slow pace makes it as creepy as can be.

They didn't have a ton of movies to choose from for Idaho, this movie doesn't seem as creepy as others but then again I have never seen it.

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