I had no idea this huge modern day invention originated in Idaho! Can you guess what it is?

msn.com recently unearthed the most notable inventions to come out of each state. Being that I've lived here less than three years, I am always very curious to learn more bout the place that I have fallen in love with an now call home.

Did you know the television was created right here in Idaho?!

Philo Taylor Farnsworth, the "Father of Electronic Television" invented the TV right here in Idaho in 1927 and it was patented in 1930.

My favorite thing about Philo is that the first image he decided to transmit was an image of his wife, making her the first woman on television! What a good man!

You can check out some of the other notable inventions from other states HERE, but a lot of them don't stack up to Idaho. For example, Florida is known for creating Gatorade and Colorado is famous for tampons! I'll take being the TV state over those any day!