We are not talking dress up and say boo for Halloween haunted. We are talking about real deal haunted hotels. The website Love Exploring dove in to find each states most haunted hotel and they have some freaky stories around why. Said to be haunted by both former guests and employees, these hotels are for the thrill-seekers looking to hunt ghosts on their vacations. Here I have highlighted the most haunted hotel in Idaho as well as our surrounding states: Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington. Just in case you are a scream chaser and want to take a road trip to check out all of the top haunted hotels. First lets check out Idaho's.

Idaho: Idaho Hotel, Silver City
Anytime you check out a hotel in a classic 'ghost town' you are likely to hear some stories and maybe even have some creepy experiences yourself. The Idaho Hotel is the oldest Hotel in the state and opened in 1863. It makes regular appearances on lists of America's most haunted places.

According to Only in Your State "In the late 1800s, two men even had a shootout and died on the front steps of the hotel. Their spirits are just some that are thought to roam The Idaho Hotel to this day. Guests have claimed to see a mysterious man in a duster coat roaming the stairwell, or a young boy and girl in old-fashioned clothes playing marbles in the street. A former owner named O.D. Broombaugh killed himself in the south saloon since he suffered from pancreatic cancer. He lived in Room #27 and people have reported experiencing strange things in the room at night, such as unexplainable sensations on their body."

The Hotel will take you right back in time with it's rustic and much of it original build. IF you are looking for a fall fight, you will have to look elsewhere though as Idaho Hotel is only open for the summer season.

If you are into the haunted overnights, here are the most haunted hotels in our surrounding states that are worth checking out according to Karlina Valeiko with Love Exploring.

Montana: The Fairweather Inn, Virginia City
Virginia City was once a booming gold mining center. Now high in the Rocky Mountains is home to only a couple of hundred people. The Fairweather Inn was named after one of the men who discovered gold in the area, Bill Fairweather. Reports are that it is not adults that haunt the hotel, but children. They seem especially drawn to guests with their own kids and torment with whispers, hurried footsteps and doors opening and closing.

Nevada: The Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah
The Mizpah Hotel certainly has a reputation for its paranormal goings-on both within the state and beyond. A psychic visited the hotel once and said she communicated with several spirits, while TV's Ghost Hunters team managed to capture a decommissioned elevator randomly opening and closing its doors on camera. Mizpah's current owners don't shy away from the hotel's bizarre fame and say that guests are welcome to interact with the friendly ghosts.

Oregon: Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa, Hood River
Nearly a century old, the Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa undoubtedly benefits from a stunning location and has hosted a fair share of superstar guests, including Burt Reynolds and Shirley Temple as well as US presidents Calvin Coolidge and Franklin D. Roosevelt. It's also haunted – guests have reported seeing a woman in white who is believed to have taken her own life by jumping off a hotel balcony although no proof has been found to suggest this is true. Others say they've witnessed a child either playing or sitting on the ground near the site of a former swimming pool.

Utah: Holiday Inn Express, Salt Lake City
It's probably the last thing you'd expect from a Holiday Inn Express but the one in Utah's Salt Lake City has long had the reputation of being haunted. The building was formerly home to the Shilo Inn and in the 1970s a mother staying at the inn decided to take her own life by jumping off a balcony after she'd thrown over all her children. The restless spirits are said to roam around the hotel and a maintenance man reportedly said that on the 13th floor his tools moved and lightbulbs were unscrewed all on their own.

Washington: Hotel Sorrento, Seattle
If you're after a celebrity ghost encounter in particular, the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle is a pretty safe bet. Here you'll find Alice B. Toklas, partner of writer Gertrude Stein, roaming the halls of the fourth floor. For a particularly spooky experience, ask for room 408, said to be the most haunted or head to the Dunbar Room where Alice likes to move the glassware around.

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