I am always up for a good food challenge. After all, it's a known fact I kicked everyone's butt in the hot sushi challenge our team took on last year! Feeling competitive, take on these food challenges and score free food and a lot of pride in the process!

Trust me, there is nothing like putting your picture up on the wall of fame for horsing down a bunch of food. Plus, you usually get a free t-shirt and/or a free meal!

Unfortunately, Superb Sushi in Boise has closed their doors, so you can no longer take on the "Demons Delight" and I still reign supreme!

  • 1

    The 18 Wheeler Challenge

    Wheeler's Handout in Nampa

    The challenge is to eat a 2 lb, 18-inch oval shaped burger loaded with bacon and cheese! Oh but the challenge does not stop there! You also have to horse down a 20-ounce milkshake and a 1/2 lb of fries. Do this within 30 minutes and you get your name on the wall and a free meal. Fail and they still give you a t-shirt.

  • 2

    Death By Pizza Challenge

    Westside Pizza in Star

    It's an 18-inch pizza with all the meat in the kitchen and a thick crust. If you can down this baby, they'll actually give you $100!!

  • 3

    Johnny B. Goode Challenge

    Rockies Diner in Boise

    You've got to be a bottomless pit to get this job done. It's 6-pounds of food. First, you start with a 2-lb burger topped with cheese, a hot dog, pastrami, and its smothered in chili. Plus you have to eat a huge pile of chili cheese fries and a 20-ounce shake. You only have 30-minutes to get it all down. If you make it through the food within the time limit you get a Fender guitar and a "I Beat The Rock" t-shirt!

  • 4

    Purgatory Challenge

    Wing Nutz in Nampa

    The goal is to down 10 wings drenched in "purgatory sauce" as quickly as possible. You can't have any dipping sauce or drink to take away the heat. The only way to get your name on the board of fame is to beat the previous winners time. (Buffalo Wild Wings does a similar challenge and I failed to conquer it by two wings!)

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