This Idaho County is being called fat! What are your thoughts on these accusations?

A new study by points out what they call the "most obese" county in every state.

For Idaho they say with a 34.2% obesity rate that title belongs to Minidoka County or the Rupert/Burley area.

The state had an obesity rate of 29.6% so in Minikoda County it's nearly 5% higher. The problem is not necessarily due to lack of exercise though. 23.7% of people in Idaho don't exercise but in Minidoka County the rate is only 18.3%.

10.8% of adults have diabetes in Minidoka County which can sometimes correlate with diabetes. In the state that rate is 8.4%.

MSN also points out the poverty rate which may or may not play a role in Minidoka County the poverty rate is 17.8% compared to 14.4% in Idaho as a whole.

What are your thoughts on this study? Is it pointing out a real problem and just stating the facts or is it giving Minidoka County a bad wrap?