This cookie could not be more Idaho and it's perfect for your holiday baking adventures!

Have you ever tried chocolate-dipped potato chips? This involves the same concept of savory and sweet. has named the potato chip cookie the "Most IconicHoliday Cookie in Idaho." I think the idea seems delicious!!

Here's the recipe for what are appropriately called "Santa's Trash Cookies." Not only do they include potato chips, but they have pretzels, chocolate chips, and sprinkles inside! I'm totally making these for Santa this year!

What do you leave out for Santa? He doesn't like milk at our house so a Diet Coke always helps him get through his all-night deliveries.

We've also done glitter oatmeal for Santa's reindeer and when I was growing up we lived on a little farm so we always left carrots and hay for Rudolph and his friends. I love family traditions and the magic of Christmas so much. Please share your favorite family tradition in the comments!

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