Apple unveiled their new AirPods Max today. It's the brand's first-ever set of over-the-ear headphones and provide "the highest quality listening experience possible" as the "the highest-end model" in the AirPods line. The price tag on these bad boys makes the part clear retailing at $549 or 6 monthly payments of $91.50!!

Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak said the intention with the new AirPods Max is to evoke "that magical AirPods experience" in an over-the-ear headset. The headphones come in five colors: space gray, sky blue, green, pink, and silver. A part of from the distinctive difference in shape and appearance, they offer much of the same functionality as regular AirPods.

For example, just like how AirPods know when they're in your ear, AirPods Max can automatically detect when they are on your head. They also automatically pause when you "remove the cup" away from your ear. Siri is also accessible through the headphones and can be useful when making and receiving phone calls.

The AirPods Max come with a charging cable and a carrying case which according to Apple, is a "soft, slim Smart Case" that puts the headphones into an "ultralow power state" intended to preserve your battery as long as possible. The AirPods Max last for up to 20 hours of "high-fidelity audio, talk time, or movie playback."

Can we step back and talk about the price of these again though? I feel already feel weird about paying $150 for a pair of AirPods Pros, and now $549?! These better have telepathic features too so I can hear other people's thoughts for that price!

Apple's online store has pre-orders already available for the AirPods Max. The headphones are scheduled to launch on December 15.

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