Nobody really wants to say they live in the "Poorest Town in Idaho," but according to a new study by USA Today this Idaho town is pretty dang poor.

In Rupert, Idaho the poverty rate is 27.4%. That's pretty significant. According to the study, the average household income in Rupert is just $35,011. That's not talking about the average person's salary, that means per house, possibly involving two incomes.

By comparison, the average household income in the state of Idaho is $49,174 according to which honestly is pretty low compared to the rest of the country. With rising housing costs here in Idaho, it seems to me that that number has got to change in order for people to survive.

Another interesting note about the findings in Rupert is that their population is only 5,702 which means around 1,500 people are facing poverty in their very small town.

Lack of education seems to be the problem. About 25% of Rupert's population doesn't even have a high school diploma and only 11% of people have a bachelor's degree.