While he's not a country artist, Ludacris' Boise show getting cancelled gives us an inside look on why some of these shows never happen in the first place.

Imagine you paid your hard-earned money on tickets to see Tim McGraw. He's your all-time favorite artist, and you simply cannot wait to see him live for the first time. It's four days before the concert, and you find out on Facebook it got cancelled. No warning, no heads up, just no more concert. Now you're fuming about how mad you are at Tim McGraw for booking show in your hometown. How could he!? Let's tweet about how much he sucks and how he doesn't appreciate his fans! This is 100% his fault! He's so selfish!

Is he though?

This exact situation happened this week, as Ludacris was supposed to be performing at show in Boise at the Revolution Concert House. It was cancelled just days before it was supposed to happen. Here's the rub: It wasn't Ludacris' fault, nor his label/management's fault. It was the promoter.

I've worked a LOT of concerts. There are a plethora of slimy money-hungry promoters out there, so this situation isn't uncommon. I'm not saying the promoter in question is a bad person, I've never met them and know nothing of them. Here's what happened:

A third-party promoter booked the show, and rented out the Rev for the evening. The Rev's owner says that Ludacris' camp never received a deposit they were promised from the promoter. This is kind of a "good faith" move that insures both parties are serious and committed to the show. Never happened. Luda's team waited as late as they could, the deposit never came, so they dropped out of the show.

You 100% cannot fault Ludacris for pulling out considering he wasn't receiving payment. If you book a catering company, and they require a 10% deposit to reserve the date, and you don't pay that deposit, you ain't getting no food. Same situation. So next time your favorite artist cancels on you, it's highly likely they had nothing to do with it.

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