The guys from Bakersfield are back together and their new song is out today! The Smokin' Armadillos are in our Future Hit At Five spotlight tonight on Wow Country 104.3!

These guys were no strangers to the Treasure Valley in the late 90's. They played some rodeos and shows around the area, and even headlined a concert at the Canyon County Fair around that same time frame. They were 6 guys in the early stages of their career and it looked like they were on their way. Even signed a record deal with Curb Records out of Nashville.

Things, for whatever reason, never really worked out for the guys. It could have been for several reasons. There were plenty of "groups" at the same time, and maybe (just an opinion), maybe they got lost in the shuffle with Alabama, Diamond Rio, Restless Heart, Ricochet, Confederate Railroad, The Mavericks, Sawyer see what I mean?

I always thought the Smokin' Armadillos were one of the most talented and under rated bands of their time. I was sorry to hear they had broken up and gone their separate ways. Then today, I opened up my e-mail to find out they got back together, all six of the original members and they are makin' some great COUNTRY music.

The video below is of their song "Red Rock" which was a tribute to the late PBR great, Lane Frost, the 1987 World Champion, and the 1987 Bucking Bull of the Year, Red Rock.

Their new song is a timely "statement" song called "The Other California" and it's our Future Hit at Five tonight on Wow Country 104.3! Welcome back boys!

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