It's a case you would expect to see on Dateline, but this murder mystery comes straight out of Nampa. Did this former Idaho Police Officer kill his parents or just stumble upon the scene? Here are the latest details being released in the case. 


48 year old William Paul Taylor has been arrested in connection with the death of his parents who were found in a tarp in a shed that was attached to the carport of their Nampa home.


William was found sleeping in a truck at an Oregon rest stop at about 10 p.m. on the evening of September 15th. The truck had been reported stolen, but William says the truck belonged to his father.


"Willie" who reportedly suffers from alcoholism and mental illness claims that he "freaked out" when he went into his parents home, found his parents dead and blood everywhere, so that's why he left in his father's truck.


According to the Idaho Statesman, when William was asked about his parents death he told authorities it had "something to do with their faces." An odd comment for sure, but did he commit the crime? Detectives have a lot of evidence to sift through. They found bloody drag marks between the home and the carport, a saw blade and duct tape with blood on them, and when William was arrested he allegedly had blood spattered on his shoes, a necklace, and under his fingernails.


As of now William has been charged with theft, tampering with evidence, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle. He is considered a suspect in the death of his parents but he has not been officially charged with the crime yet.


Autopsies on 76 year old Paul Robert Taylor and 77 year old Mary Jane Taylor have been conducted, but the results have not been released.


We'll keep you posted as this story continues to unfold.