I have a serious sweet-tooth. I do my best to curb it from time to time but sometimes I just have to give in an indulge. My sister was recently in town after being in Japan for 3 years for the Navy and there were a few state-side things that she was excited to have. Bacon, a burger and cupcakes. We took care of the first two early on. For the cupcakes she took the liberty of looking up reviews and finding the place for us to go. She did good, real good.

Smallcakes in Boise on Overland Road has anything but small cupcakes. These things were big, bright, fun, beautiful to look at and unbelievably delicious. According to the signage, Smallcakes has the BEST cupcakes, and Ice Cream in Idaho and been featured on the Food Network.

Smallcakes Food Network, photo by Nikki West

Smallcakes was also USA Today Voted #1 place to grab a cupcake. The delectable treats, according to the signage were also featured at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Smallcakes - USA Today, MTV, photo by Nikki West

After seeing and trying them I believe all the national hype. Holy cow these are great cupcakes. They have a selection of ones that are always available and seasonal flavors that change.

Smallcakes Menu, photo by Nikki West

The cake itself is super moist and not overly sweet (still sweet) but it balances out perfectly with the very sweet toppings. They are also BIG and heavy. When she handed over our box of 6 I was surprised by the weight of it.

Smallcakes photo by Nikki West

Another thing that really sets this place apart is the pup-cakes. ;) Mini cupcakes that are made for and safe for your sweet pups that deserve a sweet treat.

If you need a fancy, yummy, and impressive gift this is a great local spot. Currently they are finishing up remodeling inside so the drive-thru is the only thing available. The dining room and main storefront is expected to be open by November 1st. There is also a second location opening soon-ish in Meridian.

The Best Bacon in Boise is at BACON

There is an amazing restaurant and bar in downtown Boise called BACON, that is everything you could want for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch and more. A must try :)

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