Idaho has a BRA TREE and it's just a couple hours away from Boise in McCall.  Yeah.  It's called the Brundage Bra Tree.  It's some kind of weird tradition where women start ripping off their bras and throwing them onto this tree when they're riding the Centennial Chair Lift at the Brundage Mountain Ski Resort in McCall, Idaho.

Legend has it this tradition started with panties back in the '60s.  Eventually, women started taking off panties or bras and throwing them onto the tree and now it's just bras.  Probably a little more politically correct.  Why are they throwing their garments onto a tree?  There are lots of answers but the one that seems to most accurate is that this was a sign of some kind of conquest the woman achieved the night before.  What that conquest may have been... who knows.

Others say ripping off your underwear and throwing onto a tree that has 50 other women's bras hanging from it is a sign of rebellion.  Okay.

At one point, authorities were going to cut down the tree (like the ladies couldn't just find a new one)... but decided against it when the public spoke out saying it's doing no harm.  It's kind of fun, funny, interesting, whatever.  I think it's cool that we all live in a place interesting enough to have a BRA TREE.  Not many people can say that.

If you'd like to see someone going through the experience of launching her bra into our famous tree, check out the video below.

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