We all the real estate market is moving fast like a some white water rapids and you better be holding on tight if you're trying to buy a house. All cash offers, and motivated buys can take your dream home right out from under you if you're not ready to purchase.

Looking through the Treasure Valley at mobile homes I found some very impressive mobile homes and thought to myself, is it time to set the ego aside? There's this stigma of people living in mobile home parks. I found some mobile homes that I would have nor problem living in.

My wife and I don't have any kids, two dogs, and really don't need a huge house. Most of these mobiles home range from 2-3 bedrooms and have 2 bathrooms. The square footage isn't terrible and ranges from 1,000 up to almost 2,000 sq. ft. It's a great option for maybe someone who has moved here and just wants somewhere to call home without the large price tag. I found several that have plenty of space for the two of us, our dogs, and a place for them to play.

Say what you want when it comes to living in a mobile home park, but these mobile homes are worth the look! Plus they come with all the amenities that your single family residence comes with, it just looks a little different.

Check Out These Treasure Valley Mobile Homes!

I found some Treasure Valley that are worth a second a look if you're struggle to find a home in your price range!

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