Who knew it was illegal to have these pets here in Idaho?!

I had never really thought about the legality of pets until we recently gifted one of our "Rick and Carly's Kids" recipients with a turtle. He had wanted a red ear slider, but we had to divert from that a bit because we learned that red-eared sliders are illegal in the state! Who knew?!

msn.com recently conducted a study to unearth the different pets that are illegal in each state and here are the pets you are not allowed to have.

  • deer
  • wolves
  • cheetahs
  • jaguars
  • lions
  • tigers
  • sheep
  • European Hedgehog's (although American Hedgehog's are o.k.)

Idaho law also forbids you from having any non-native animal that is determined to be "dangerous to the environment, livestock, agriculture, or wildlife of the state."

As for the red-eared slider, they are apparently illegal because they are an invasive species and can transmit salmonella.