Thomas Korton has his parents park their new RV in his driveway for the past two weeks while they were in Texas and now it's gone.

Yeah, someone just took right off the driveway.  The RV itself is two years old but only used twice so it's practically new.  It has some interesting markings on it so if you know anything or spot it, please contact the Boise Police Department.

According to KTVB on the side there are some really cool LED lights that go across the door which is unique.

Korton and his friends say going through their timeline the RV must have been stolen between 9 p.m. and midnight on Thursday.  Markings in the driveway show that some kind of pickup just backed up, hooked it onto the trailer hitch, and took off as fast as they could.  Korton believes the whole job probably took them five minutes at most.

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