Construction and inconvenient parking are forcing this store to close its doors downtown. Here's how much longer they'll be open.

Lux Fashion Lounge is holding a huge closing sale right now that will last until the end of the month or until merchandise runs out, which ever comes first. After that Lux Fashion Lounge, which sells second hand men's and women's clothing, will be no more.

According to the reason Lux Fashion Lounge is closing is not only because of construction and parking issues but for personnel family reasons and online competition.

It makes me wonder what's going to happen to shopping downtown when this is the second store to close recently. Trip Taylor Booksellers has also announced they're closing.

It may be a reflection of the recent increase in parking rates downtown or it may be that we do so much of our shopping these days online, probably both, but I for one hope old school retail shopping doesn't completely go away.