According to East Idaho News, 43-year-old Aaron Lucio Jr. on the Rexburg, Idaho area is now where he belongs.  Behind bars.  The guy's been hit with multiple felonies and misdemeanors and his latest threats have gone to far.  You don't tell people that you're going to cut them up into little pieces.  My parents never spelled that out for me when I was taking in life lessons while growing up but come on man.  And especially with all the violence and negativity we have going on in this country.

Lucio didn't just tell this woman he was going to cut her up, he grabbed a pair of kitchen knives and threw her against the wall.  He's been nothing but trouble for police since the arrest which has led to him being tasered and charged with additional crimes.

He's been booked into the Madison County Jail and has a five year sentence to serve.

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