I've heard a lot of excuses in my life, but this one is pretty out there. A Twin Falls man who was swinging knives at a woman and her child, says "he was just trying to cut a taco!"

63-year-old Robert Luis Silva is sitting in jail on a $100,000 bond.

The woman who is accusing Silva of attacking her says that she was walking out of her driveway with her seven-year-old niece when he approached them holding a knife in each hand.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the man asked her "where a man named Beto was?" and he was swinging the knives around in such a manner that she feared for her life. The woman says she told Silva she didn't know anyone named Beto and she was able to back up and go inside her home.

Silva's side of the story is a little different. He admits to approaching the woman and asking if she knew where his friend was, and although he says he was indeed holding a knife in each hand, he says he had a taco in his left hand and was using one of the knives to cut it.

Robert Silva is ordered to make a court appearance on October 19th.

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