We've all felt jealousy, but when that jealousy turns to murder the consequences are irreversible. This Idaho woman may be spending the rest of her life behind bars. 

34-year-old Jessica L. Colpitts has been convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Samantha S. Fignani.

The murder went down on May 22, 2017. Jessica was upset that her boyfriend and the father of her child, Joseph "JoJo" Walker allegedly had relations with Samantha Fignani. Walker was serving a jail sentence for drug charges when the murder occurred according to KTVB.

Jessica is accused of driving to Samantha's home and shooting her point blank because of her rage.

According to the Idaho County Free Press, when Jessica returned to the car after entering Samantha's home she told her friend Cassie,

I shot her in the crotch. She'll live.

Samantha did not live and that's the risk Jessica took when she shot her whether death was the intention or not.

The death penalty will not be pursued in this case, but Jessica may spend the rest of her life in prison.

No word yet on a sentencing date.



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