If you spend an evening in a motel or hotel in Idaho and find it to be a little too dirty for your liking, too bad. They're allowed to be that way.

It's pretty disturbing, if you think about it. So many venues have regulations they have to follow as far as cleanliness goes. That's the way it should be, right? Not the case with hotels and motels in Idaho. According to Central District Health (CDH) Public Information Officer Christine Myron, there's no one regulating how clean or tidy hotels and motels in Idaho need to be:

When it comes to hotels and motels in Idaho there are no state rules related to sanitation that are delegated to local health departments like Central District Health.

There are building codes they need to abide by, such as fire codes and structural codes, but that's about it.

We can't go into a hotel or motel and inspect, even for sanitation-related conditions.

So what should you do if you find yourself staying at a hotel or motel that's filthy and possibly a health hazard? It's this writer's suggestion to contact the Better Business Bureau and let them know about the deplorable conditions.

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