Why didn't anyone tell me about the most iconic food item in Idaho? The Ice Cream Potato. I wanted to get to know more about the Treasure Valley and decided I was going to search "Iconic Food Items In Idaho". 

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And boom!! There it is, the ice cream potato. Here's the thing for about 10 minutes while continuing to search through links and other google searches I honestly thought it was ice cream on a potato until I finally clicked on a link.

My wife and I left Nebraska at the end of August and the most iconic food item is called a "Runza" it's a local fast food establishment and if you haven't had a "Runza" my wife describes it best. She says "it's basically a white castle in a hot pocket". See Below!

Julie T (Yelp User)
Julie T (Yelp User)

So this morning (9/9) I wanted to know what was the most iconic food in Idaho, thinking that of course it's going to be some kind of potato dish.

I was wrong, kind of. From what I found on The Daily Meal is that it was created by Lou Aaron, from Westside Drive-In. I remember visiting Boise for the first time and seeing Westside Drive-In on State Street and thinking to myself "that's going to be a place I have I to try!". Now I know, it's defiantly an establishment that I'm going to get a burger and follow up it up with an Ice Cream Potato!

The Ice Cream Potato

If you're also new to the Treasure Valley, let me introduce you to the Ice Cream Potato. They do an amazing job of making it look like an actual potato but it's actually vanilla ice cream covers in cocoa, which gives it that potato look!

Check out some of these Instagram post! I know what I'm getting for dessert!

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