We've all heard the hits from Florida Georgia Line. Carrie Underwood. Darius Rucker.

But if you really want to dive deep, you've got to check out these lesser known country tracks.

Some of these I've been a fan of for years, some of these were stumbled upon randomly. Either way, they're some songs you should definitely give a listen to at least once. Let us begin.


Roky Erikson "If You Have Ghosts"

It could be classified as classic rock, but as soon as you heard Erikson's vocals on this, it truly feels country. I stumbled upon this one (it's old) when the metal band Ghost covered it on their 'If You Have Ghost' E.P. Haunting, with just the right amount of swagger.


Johnny Paycheck "It Won't Be Long"

Straight from the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V, this one is a classic. A little smooth, a little crass, it's the perfect screw you country song, and I can't get enough of it.


Mojo Nixon "You Can't Kill Me"

Sung to the tune of "Amazing Grace," this song is all over the place. Nixon is mad, outspoken, and pretty much up to here with all the bull crap. What's funny is this song came out years ago, but rings just as true today.



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