The legend continues to grow, not just worldwide, but right here in our very own backyard.  Maybe you believe, maybe you're not sure, and maybe you're a 100% skeptic.  Whatever you are, you cannot discount the fact that there are weird, crazy things being seen in different mountain areas here in Idaho.

Over the past week, we've had three different people call into the show with information about seeing Bigfoot and all of them are very close to the Treasure Valley.

Caller 1 - Brittney Thomas / Garden City, Idaho

I was camping with my family at Lake Cascade when a large object shadowed the tent my husband and I were in.  I, originally was too scared to unzip the door and look but we finally did and that's when we saw a figure probably seven or eight feet high, dark fur, and very human like shape walking through the trees.  We later came upon these tracks.

Credit: Brittney Thomas
Credit: Brittney Thomas

Caller 2 - Eric Dunes / Mountain Home, Idaho

I've been an avid outdoorsman for my entire life and have seen a lot of things while hunting, fishing, and camping but I've ner seen anything like what I saw on the north side of Bear Lake on Saturday afternoon, July 28, 2018.

A huge, dark, blurry figure crossed my path at a rapid rate of speed and disappeared within seconds.  It made no noises, didn't hesitate even though I, along with my camping gear was right there close to it's path.

As I sat there in shock and in fear watching what I always believed to be a myth, I understood and now know that the legend of a sasquatch is not only real, but it's also really living right here in Idaho.

This isn't the only sighting there's been in this area.  The following video shows of a sighting back in June of 2017.

Caller 3 - Marianne Alvernez / Boise, Idaho

I've always believed in Bigfoot and have been searching for evidence for the past 6 1/2 years.  I finally found that evidence while hiking in the remote mountains of Burley, Idaho.

I took my Bigfoot investigation to this location because of a story back in 2008 about a man and his son who were cutting firewood when they smelled something ransid.  That's when they saw a sasquatch running up over the hill.

I believe there to be at least one, if not more sasquatches in this area.  When I was hiking through the woods I came across that very same smell.  It was almost like some kind of a dead animal type of smell.  That's when I hear some movement in the bushes and a low range quiet growl.  I thought it was just some animal that had killed it's prey but then I saw it.  It was probably 10 or 12 feet high.  I'm not good with knowing exacts on that but it was definitely not a bear or human or any other kind of animal.

The sasquatch only gave me a glimpse before it ran off into the woods.  I searched for hours and could find absolutely no evidence of it ever being there.

There was also a video released a couple of years ago with a drone that possibly captured Bigfoot's existence running from one small area of trees into a larger area of trees.  The creature is first seen at around the: 25-second mark of the video and disappears around the: 55-second part of the video.


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