The Treasure Valley is a unique place to live because of the unique landscapes and the unique people that live here.  When you have such unique people, you tend to get unique stuff which leads to unique posts on Facebook Marketplace.  Here are some of the items that stood out to me today from contact lenses to an entire tattoo shop!
We've all given a coworker a death stare, but next time you could do it with monster eyes!  You'll never get bored with the variety of contact lenses available here for only twenty bucks!

I'm sure there's a reason that someone might want used, ripped up asphalt, I just don't know why.  But if you're looking for some, here you go!  Seems a little high for something I would just assume got sent to the dump.

Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you want to be?  Maybe the tattoo game is for you!  I'm pretty good at Tattoo Parlor Tycoon, so maybe I should open a side business!