Buying a home in Boise can be a challenge and outside of availability in a prime area, one of the biggest hurdles is the price.

What if we told you though, that we found a house that is $6.5 million, has three bedrooms, and is absolutely worth it?

$6.5 million for THREE bedrooms?!

That's right, you'll be paying right around $2 million per bedroom in this house.

And why shouldn't you?

There are three boxes that this home checks off that make the price totally worth it:

  1. Are you in Boise? Check.
  2. Are you away from people and still... in Boise? Check.
  3. Does it have an outdoor pizza oven? Check.

That's right, pizza lovers who are also millionaires (or billionaires)! This Boise home allows you to cook up pizzas with Mother Nature and how many homes can you think of that offer this kind of luxury?

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The home even comes with a freaking barn!

Still, there are some people who feel like prices like this are totally unnecessary. We even showed this house to some of our coworkers and one of them said "the kitchen alone makes me not want to buy it."

What did they say was wrong with the kitchen?

"It's too small."

We simply reminded them of the outdoor pizza oven but it didn't convince them that this house is worth $6.5 million.

Are you convinced?

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