This week, for our Throwback Thursday segment, we are looking at the year 2012. We thought that the world might end before the year started because of the Mayan Calendar. I guess we lucked out enough to make it to 2020, as long as we make it through 2020! These are the top five most played songs in Boise radio for the year 2012.

#5 - Jason Aldean - Flyover States
The song celebrates states that don't usually get a lot of National attention. Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico are the stars of this song. Did he leave us out, or are we not a flyover state?

#4 - Brantley Gilbert - You Don't Know Her Like I Do
Brantley has a lot of fans, but they're mostly guys. His songs are a mix of country and rock and not necessarily in that order. This song showed his softer side for the first time and opened him to a whole new audience.

#3 - Eric Church - Springsteen
I liked this song from the first time I heard it, but I wouldn't have ranked it in the top 100 country songs of all time. Rolling Stone Magazine did! While growing up, Eric Church was a Bruce Springsteen fan and decided to use "The Boss" music as the backdrop for this love song.

#2 - Eli Young Band - Even If It Breaks Your Heart
This is by far my favorite song of 2012. When this song comes on, I still crank it up in the car and sing at the top of my lungs. Also, the crushed with this song at the Boise Music Festival.

#1 - Josh Turner - Time Is Love
Josh Turner was on fire when this song came out. He was just coming off of "Why Don't We Just Dance," and then came this upbeat song. He did one more album before moving on to Christian music.


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