It is a Throwback Thursday, and so we're going to take a look back at the most played Country songs in Boise from the year 2000. To be honest, I don't remember some of these... at all! But, here goes!

#10 - Kenny Rogers - Buy Me A Rose
This song was the first number one song for Kenny Rogers since the '80s! It also has Allison Krause and Billy Dean singing background vocals on it. It's sappy but it has a sweet message.

#9 - Rascal Flatts - Prayin' For Daylight
This is the one that started it all. The first song they recorded as a group. It started quite a run for these guys that didn't come to an end until this year.

#8 - Clay Walker - The Chain of Love
"The Chain of Love" is one of those songs that I never really liked, but many people did, especially here in Boise.

#7 - Andy Griggs - She's More
Andy Griggs was one of those artists that looked like he just got kicked out of a boy band, but he sang with a twang. This was someone's wedding song for sure, and the video looks like it was produced by the same guy that did your wedding video!

#6 - George Strait - The Best Day
I'm not sure why everyone loved these reflective ballads in 2000, maybe it was because we were all just happy that we survived the Y2K bug! "The Best Day" is classic King George.

#5 - Lonestar - What About Now
This band had their moment, and this song was towards the end of it. They specialized in romantic songs, and this one didn't disappoint.

#4 - Chad Brock - Yes!
I used to think that "Yes!" was just a cute song for the romantic types. Listening to the song ten years later, though, you wonder if he was the one singing those Joe Exotic songs from the Tiger King!

#3 - Faith Hill - The Way You Love Me
This song came at the height of Faith's fame when everything she touched turned to gold, and you could hear her on a lot more than just Boise country stations. The video is classic VH1!

#2 - Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take Me Away
"Cowboy Take Me Away" is my favorite Dixie Chicks song ever. Just listen to those harmonies! Hearing it now reminds me of how much I liked their music.

#1 - Toby Keith - How Do You Like Me Now
It's spiteful and fun, and it's full of every reason we love Toby Keith. Every guy felt like they could relate to this song somehow, and in 2000, there were lots of people singing along in the Treasure Valley.


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