Continuing our series of the most played country songs in Boise from back in the day, this time, we focused on 2011. Big hits from big names made up all of the top ten except for the top spot, which went to a one-hit-wonder.

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#5 - Trace Adkins - Just Fishin'

This is the perfect Dad-Daughter song for the Treasure Valley. A father takes his daughter to fish to spend time with her, and she thinks they're fishing. It brings men to tears.

#4 - Miranda Lambert - Heart Like Mine

It's a judgy song about judgy people, and people were really into judgy in 2011. The song was somewhat controversial at the time, and you don't hear it on the radio anymore. Either it didn't age well, or people are less judgy now!

#3 - Darius Rucker - This

I totally miss this song! I hear that Darius Rucker will have new music soon and I hope that it's as good as This. We still hear Wagon Wheel, Alright, and The Come Back Song, and we could definitely use some new music from the former Hootie frontman.

#2 - Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay

This song was so big, it crossed over to other stations in the Treasure Valley like 107.9 Lite FM and Mix 106. Kelly Clarkson's voice when she's soaring makes this song.

#1 - Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

When they played Jackpot a few months back, they sold out Cactus Pete's twice! That's how big this song was for them in the Boise area. We still love this song, and when it comes on, you're definitely cranking it up.


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