This was a blast to do and something that I never actually thought I would get to do. When the Idaho Steelhead's score their first goal at a home game someone chucks a big Steelhead out that then is donated to the food bank.

The Steelheads were playing the Kansas City Mavericks and the night before they had scored right away now the game previous had no score which means the fish thrower had to sit there waiting for them to score to be able to throw the Steelhead. It has a lot of anticipation on throwing it cause you don't want to really get up cause if they score you need to be ready.

You have 10 seconds to get the fish and throw it out there. They give you gloves but by the time you put them on your time would have passed, plus it is so frozen it doesn't smell. The great thing is they donate the fish, there are many ways that this fish can be utilized and still keep a fun tradition at the local hockey games.



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