What's the saying?  If you don't like the weather in Idaho, wait five minutes because it'll be completely different.  Today was a perfect example of that with sunshine, heat, clouds, major rain, hail, thunder, lightning and then it would all stop for a bit until Oh Oh Oh... here it comes again and again and again.

The weekend's looking pretty good in the Boise area with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-'70s but tonight we get a show.  Right now I'm sitting in my bed listening to the crackle of the thunder and the rapid drips of the rain.  I LOVE IT!

Treasure Valley Weather HQ reports that these thunderstorms will hit hard and strong sporadically through late afternoon here in the Boise area but will most likely move on a bit after sunset.  Bummer.  I like going to sleep to this kind of stuff.  Temperatures remain pretty high so no need to bundle up.  Just stay dry and if you're planning on the kids playing baseball, soccer, or any other outdoor sport today you may want to check with the coaches to make sure things haven't been canceled before heading out.


Check out the cloud funnel Treasure Valley Weather HQ posted a couple of hours ago off of Simco Road north of Mountain Home AFB.

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