17-year-old grocery store cashier Elizabeth Taylor helped an elderly customer in a big way amid the coronavirus.

Senior shopper Layne McKeel hasn't been able to get out of his house much, but since he just got his disability payment last week he decided to go get some food and supplies at a supermarket in Georgetown, Tennessee. Thats when Taylor was ringing up McKeel and McKeel was upset after finding himself $33 short of his final $173 bill.

After explaining his dilemma to Taylor, McKeel said he'd put some of the items back on the shelf. However, before he could, she simply insisted on paying for all of his groceries instead. When WRCB asked why she did it Taylor said, “We’ve seen a lot of older people, and they’re all trying to buy groceries and a lot of places have ran out of stuff, and so the older people are kind of taking the downfall for that. I just try to give back when I can.”

McKeel was extremely touched by the gesture and called her an "angel" and "light of the day."