Brittany Reed of Waynesville, Ohio posted on Facebook about her experience with a McDonald's employee Wyatt Jones and people immediately wanted to do something nice for him.

Reed shared that she was going through the drive-through at McDonald's with all three of her crying kids and when she went for her purse, she realized she left her purse at home. In her post, she shared that it made her want to cry so she looked at Jones and said "I'm so sorry, I have to cancel that order, I left my pursue at home." She added that Jones without hesitation took out his wallet and swiped his card before she could say "No, I'll be right back."


So the mom went home, grabbed her wallet and went back to McDonald's to pay the young man back. She found out he was working at McDonald's to save up to buy a car. So Reed wanted to pay his kindness forward. She launched a GoFundMe page called "Be Like Wyatt," re-telling her story and interaction with Jones.

In less than a week, the campaign has raised more than $32,000 for Jones.

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