Stephania Ergemlidze wanted to help ease tensions between police and protesters in her community.

She and others dragged a portable basketball hoop all over town to bring people together "the only way she knows how." Ergemlidze watched in shock as looters were destroying businesses across the region and she told Kentucky News Radio she was inspired to do something.

"I was sitting there and I was trying to figure out what I can do. Because I was looking at my city and my city was being destroyed." So she brought her hoop "out of retirement" and dragged it around town with some friends. They set up shop in different parts of the city and wanted police officers and protesters to play at the same time, if possible.

She shared "I just wanted to try to bring everybody together and break that tension or the barrier that's been there the last week really." She documented her journey of dragging the hoop across town on YouTube.

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