It happens way too often. Someone finds out you live in Idaho, and they spew out an atrocious potato joke. Here's how to properly let them know they suck at life.

I've lived in Idaho just shy of two years, and this has happened to me at least 20 times. "Oh, you live in Idaho now. So, like, do you love potatoes!?!?!" Yes. I love potatoes. They are delicious, you stupid idiot. But I didn't move to Idaho to feast on starchy nightshades all day every day. Honestly, in my two years in the Gem State, other than in bags at the grocery store, I never ever see Idaho potatoes.

The joke is old and played out. It's never once been funny, clever, or even really appropriate. So how do you shut down that obnoxious friend who drops a potato joke? These five emojis should be your go-to:

Clown Emoji


Your friend will read it as "Oh my god I'm so funny and you agree with me!" What you're really saying is "You're a damn clown. Delete my number."



Devil Emoji


Oh cool, you made a joke about potatoes. Again. You are literally worse than Lord Satan himself. Also, no one likes you.



Neutral Face Emoji


No response is better than a good or bad response. This is the emoji version of "....."



Beer Emoji


In order to deal with your serious lack of self-awareness and humor, I have to drink until I black out. Nothing else numbs the pain of knowing you exist in my world.



Poop Emoji


Self explanatory. You are crap. Your joke is crap. And your heart is filled with crap. Delete your account.


Did we miss any? How do you respond to someone trolling you for the 100th time about potatoes? Holler at us on Facebook and let us know.