Both Jimmy Fallon on the 'Tonight Show' and Seth Meyers on 'Late Night' took digs at the state of Idaho on national television after sharing the story of the Meridian man who won the lottery six times. Here's the video!

Jimmy Fallon's was not so egregious as he simply said that the lottery winner, with his $250,000 could "buy Idaho." Seth Meyers was a little more of a diss as said, "I mean, you win the lottery once, you leave Idaho." He then went on to assure his Idahoan viewers that he's just playing around.

Here's the story of the Meridian man who has now won the Idaho lottery SIX times, and as Jimmy Fallon said, his big jackpot was $250,000. Pretty impressive, I've never won more than a free scratcher ticket!

It's interesting that the joke would be about people wanting to leave Idaho as most reports these days show Idaho as a major destination, which is why the cost of living has increased so much in the last few years. In fact, in 2018, the city of Boise was the fastest growing city in the entire United States. 

I'm living proof as I just moved here a year ago, and I certainly don't have any plans to leave any time soon. One of my favorite parts about living in Idaho is our mild winters (it was 61 today)! This in contrast to the extreme snowstorms that have been hitting the midwestern and North Eastern United States this week. Thanks to our friends at KTVB for the video.

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