Slippin', slidin', and a whole lot of backed up holiday traffic! When you can, avoid these intersections during the winter. 

1. Eagle Road and Fairview

If you've lived here any amount of time you know Eagle Road is a nightmare. Combine that with lots of holiday shoppers and it's going to take you at least 3 times as long as normal to get anywhere you want to go!

2. Eagle and the I-84 Westbound Ramp

Next to the Eagle/Fairview nightmare is trying to head towards Nampa from Eagle Road. Have you seen that line-up around rush hour?! Yikes!

3. Chinden and Glenwood

Garden City Folks know you aren't going anywhere fast as you approach this intersection. Combine the usual traffic with slick, wet, roads, and you've got a very long ride home!

4.  Franklin and Milwaukee

This busy shopping area in Boise can push your holiday stress over the edge! Great stores, but be prepared for lots of cars in your way!

5. Eagle and U-Stick

I hit this intersection the other night and accidentally turned left instead of right like I needed to. I swear it took me an extra 45 minutes to get out of the tangled mess!

6. 9th and Front or 13th and Front

These downtown Boise intersection can get super backed up any time, but it is insane around the holidays, so plan on a few extra minutes.