Oh the gem state, what a marvelous place. It's no wonder people from all over are moving here. It only takes one visit and suddenly its love at first sight. Idaho is so... hmmm, I cant think of a single word to describe how great it is and what it has to offer so without further adieu. Here is the top reasons that Idahoans love living here. Feel free to comment with others below.

Small-Town Splendor - Even though the Treasure Valley and Boise metro is growing in population it is easy to drive just a bit and get into some incredible small towns and rural farmland. One of my favorite areas to drive through on the way to the mountains and hot springs is Horseshoe Bend.

The Mountains - Oh yes, the mountains are always calling me. I was told (fact check) that Idaho has so many mountains that if you flattened it out it would be as big as Texas! That's a lot of mountains! My first trip to the Sawtooths took my breath away.

Hot Springs - Idaho has some of the most and best hot springs of any other state. As soon as you get into hot springs territory you can hit a few in one day with determination. I LOVE them. My hair and skin always feels amazing for days after a god long soak.

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World-Class Snow Recreation - It's no wonder that with all of the mountains Idaho is also known for its skiing and snowboarding recreation. From Bogus Basin to  McCall to Sun Valley and many more, we've got the snow sports down.

Waterways and Water views - I have been an avid paddleboarder for years. I even used to commute Titus to Preschool via paddleboard when we lived in Portland. I thought there was no way that Idaho could beat Oregon when it came to waterways. Boy was I wrong, Idaho lakes and rivers are some of the most pristine in the nation. Lakes, Rivers, Reservoirs and everything in between makes Idaho a dream for anyone who loves water.

An Epic Music Scene - Ok so maybe not in the past year but usually Idaho has it going on. Boise Music Festival has bought some huge acts to the Treasure Valley. Like everyone else I am sooooo looking forward to live music again.

The Skies - Not only are they not polluted like in bigger populated states but the sunsets are magnificent on a regular basis and the stars? Oh my, I got a bit emo and cried at Red Fish Lake when my man and I were camping there and I saw the night ski after the sun went down. It was overwhelmingly beautiful, there was no moon and I could see the milky way path.

What am I missing? What do you love most about Idaho?


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