I may not be a good golfer but I love me some Topgolf! The Topgolf in Portland was one of my first dates with my man. We drank, we ate, we laughed we played. If you have not been Topgolf has an impressive sports bar, TVs inside and outside, and fantastic food and drinks. Outside they combine a golf driving range with targets to make it a fun interactive and challenging game for all. Currently they have 5 locations.

Obviously it is a great date spot but a fantastic place to have fun with friends or the family. It is also a great place to go solo and let off some steam. Not only are you whacking the balls as hard as you can but you are challenging yourself to make it in the marked off rounds in the field. By the 10th or 11th ball whatever your frustrations were should start fading.

Golfing is big in Boise. The weather is conducive to it and it is not difficult to grow lots of green grass here. The Treasure Valley is full of some incredible golf courses, both private and public. For someone like me who is far from being pro, Topgolf is a blast. Plus I feel like I am doing better than I actually am when there is a beer or two in me.

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According to Boise Dev, Topgolf is eager to get into the area and have a spot picked out along I-84 where the old Farmstead corn maze used to be. Prime real estate and not far from Vertical View, the impressive climbing gym and fitness facility.

There are a few steps that Topgolf has to take in order to break ground. First they are starting with a neighborhood meeting this week, to share plans about the proposed project with the local community. After that and pending any updates to the plan that come forward from the meeting, Topgolf's next step is to file with the city of Meridian. That is just the beginning. It will take some time but they will make it happen.

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