If you are a pet owner, there is a danger lurking outside that you need to be aware of.

According to the Idaho Fish and Game, trapping seasons are open during late fall and winter. Some even go year-round.

Dogs, in particular, run into trouble when they are allowed to go off-leash and unsupervised. Traps and snares can seriously injure your pet's feet or they can become trapped in a device that is intended for large wildlife.

An article on idahonews.com warns that if you see one trap there are likely more in the area and you shouldn't venture out any further. Some trappers do post signs, so look for them as you are out hiking and exploring and be prepared should an accident occur.

Some tips if your pet does become trapped include putting a jacket or sleeve over your dog's head just while you get them out of the trap so they can't bite you as easily.

For additional information on how to spot traps and what to do if your pet gets hurt, click the link below.

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