One man was locked up for his multiple problems with drunk driving and the other was in for killing his three children about 10 years ago.  Glenn Cox is the man on the left and he was in for the D.U.I.  He's the one that ended up dead and people are now questioning how he was forced to be roommates with a convicted killer?

Cox was no angel.  He had his demons and had been convicted of drunk driving or something related to drunk driving 12 times.  He had a problem, he knew he had a problem and for the first time in his life he'd made a decision to do his time and move forward getting some help so he could get his life back on track.  Cox never got that chance.  He was found in his cell stabbed in the neck with a pencil, beaten with a cane, and strangled.

According to the Idaho Statesman Cox was supposed to be in a minimum security prison but was waiting in a medium security prison until more room opened up in the over crowded prison he would eventually spend his time in.  So they had to pair him up with someone and Idaho uses a point system which gives each inmate a risk assessment score, a complex number system Idaho and other states use to classify prisoners as minimum-, medium- or maximum-security risks. The system scores inmates in categories such as the crimes they committed, how long they’ve been behind bars and whether they’ve broken any prison rules.

The risk assessment scores for Glenn Cox and Jim Nice were very close even though their past crimes don't seem so close.  Nice is the prime suspect in the murder of Glennn Cox and more details will be released soon as to what exactly happened and why but for now, people are asking and wondering if we need some kind of a different formula or system in these types of situations.

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