Reports came flooding in Saturday afternoon of two men driving around chasing and trying to abduct children in Nampa.


38-year-old Charles Roberts and 39-year-old David Roberts have been booked into the Canyon County Jail after pursuing multiple children under the age of eleven on Saturday in the area of 10th Avenue North between 2nd and 4th streets.  The vehicle identified was a blue 1992 Ford F-150.


Police made short work of finding the accused and locking them up until investigators get to the bottom of exactly what happened.  Witnesses are saying they saw the men get out and chase an 11-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl around a house until their mother came out and scared them off.  They came back and attempted again but neighbors were standing by and scared them off again.


Any and all witnesses are urged to contact the Nampa Police Department at 208-465-2257.

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