There was a global study done by a researcher named Tanja Gerlach at the University of Göttingen, MyONE Condoms, and Clue. Nearly 65,000 women from around the world responded to the study and the results surprised many.

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive studies on the matter of what women are looking for in men both long term and short term. While many women especially around the world have varying tastes in what they are looking for there was certainly a common theme. Surprisingly this massive response held little to no mention of physical attributes or even financial security. I like to think its because women are more independent.

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So lets get down to it, what are the TOP 5 things that women are looking for in a long term partner. Coming in at number 5 with 60.2% of the votes Confidence. Gotta love a man who is confident. the 4th that was chosen with 64.5% of the votes is Education. Its nice to be with someone you can have an intelligent conversation with. It also usually, although certainly not always, leads to a higher paying and more stable career. With Intelligence coming in at number 3 with 72.3%. Lets face it you can be book smart but be lacking in other levels of intelligence. Ok, here we go, getting down to the nitty gritty now. With 86.6% of the votes Supportiveness comes in at number 2. I love this :) The top spot with 88.9% of the votes is... Kindness. See guys, its not that hard, women want to be supported with kindness from a smart confident man.

The survey quotes Virginia J. Vitzthum, PhD, who notes, "Kindness is rather like gravity, essential but little-noticed until it's gone. Given today's emphasis on looks and wealth, it may surprise you that kindness is a top desirable trait across the world. But kindness is key to the human capacity for forming the long-term social bonds."


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