I was at the Steelheads game with my man and some friends last night and knew that something bad happened when at the end of the game the announcer told everyone that the main exit was closed and everyone needed to leave through the side exit and out through the hotel side. Read my original article from last night and what it was like being at the game and coming out to cops and flashing lights everywhere.


That original post is here:

BREAKING: Man Found With Gunshot Wound Outside of Active Steelheads Game in Boise’s Grove Plaza

This morning I woke up and wanted to give some updates as the investigation continued into the wee hours.

The man found by a Boise Police Officer is in the hospital recovering from non life threatening gunshot wound. As indicated in the above post from Boise PD Twitter feed, there are no suspects at this time. Earlier reports did say that the man found did have a fire arm in his possession and that the gunshot wound was to the leg. I am not going to put the pieces together for you and as of right now no one knows for sure what happened, but could it be that no one else was involved and an accident happened?

I am so grateful that no one else was hurt, I am grateful for our fast acting officers and I am so happy that the man in the hospital is going to be ok.

Shooting Right Outside of Active Steelheads Game in Grove Plaza

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