Mountain Home Junior High and Mountain Home High School are closed today due to a perceived threat through social media to Mountain Home Junior High. As a precaution, Mountain Home Junior High and High School have been cancelled and closed for today. School is expected to resume again on Monday.

This again, this is a "perceived" threat. Closing the school and canceling today is a precautionary move. There is a post on Mt Home Idaho's Facebook page stating this information. If you receive calls...this is what we know. I am waiting for a call from the superintendent for more information.

​Mountain Home School District Superintendent James Gilbert posted the following updated message to students, parents staff and the community this morning as a follow up regarding the situation, "I have been informed by the Mountain Home Police Department that the threat made against the junior high last night was not credible.  The police department is  confident in the information they have gathered that there is not a credible threat. Classes at the junior high and high school will resume on Monday."

Our Treasure Valley is on heightened alert and being extra cautious. These perceived threats to the school comes just a couple of days after the Boise Mall shootings and a policer officer involved shooting in downtown.

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