Be sure to look up into the night skies on Wednesday to catch a glimpse of something that only comes around about once every 150 years!

A Super Blue Blood Moon will grace our skies on January 31st. This occurs when the moon moves closer to the earth during orbit which makes the moon look much larger and brighter by about 14%!

This once in a lifetime moon is extra special because its a "blue moon." If you're unfamiliar with what a blue moon is, it is the second full moon in one month.

The other aspect of this that makes it a very once in a lifetime experience is that during this same evening we will have a blood moon. A blood moon gives off a reddish hue and happens when the moon is in the earth's shadow.

When these three things come together you get a Super Blue Blood Moon and according to KTVB the last time that happened was March 31, 1866 so you do not want to miss this!!

Peak viewing time should be around 8:45 p.m.

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