According to multiple reports including at KTVB, BYU that students were purposely trying to catch and spread the virus because infected individuals can get paid more for their antibody plasma. Can we just take a second to think about this? You are putting yourself, your loved ones, school children, the economy and so much more at risk, just to make a few extra bucks.

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Plasma donation centers are offering more money for this type of convalescent plasma but a few extra bucks is not worth the risk of you or people around you. This reminds me of when parents used to have chicken pox parties to get their younger kiddos over the chicken pox so they didn't get it when they were older. There are a few main differences I want to point out here, first the chicken pox has been around for a long time, long enough for us to understand it better. Covid-19 surprised all of us with its craziness this year. We don't know enough about it or its lasting effects for you to go and try and catch it. Some very healthy adults that have 'recovered' from it may have lasting effects for the rest of their lives. Other people seem to be getting on just fine after healing but again, it is so new and unstudied that we just don't know. Also with it effecting different people differently, who's to say that you will recover fine from it. Simply put it is not worth the risk. Not to mention the risk you are putting others at.

The New York Times has a great article with more info from 'experts' on the issues and uncertainties with having Covid Catching Parties. Check that out here. 


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